Roofing Services

The goal of Marcano Roofing is not simply to finish your roof as quickly as possible. Our roofing services offered in Salem, Oregon provide the quality and care your home needs.

The most important thing is that you are pleased with the end result.

We plan to serve your needs often and maintain your roof for years to come. For customers in the Salem area, our roofing services stand the test of time.

Residental Roofing

Roof Moss Removal

Commercial Roofing

Roof Repair


Annual Maintenance

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Commercial/Residential Roofing Services in Salem, Oregon

When we work with homeowners, it is more than just a roof or a house. It is a sentimental attachment to their home and property. We understand that it can be overwhelming to find a contractor who can be trusted.

Our crew is careful and very skilled at what they do. Each project is completed in a timely manner, and our crew cleans up at the end of the day before leaving. The owners of Marcano Roofing stay involved with your project from start to finish. Regular checks on progress and frequent site visits are performed to ensure that you receive the best quality service.


Marcano Roofing takes ventilation very seriously.

We often see major problems in a home caused by improper ventilation. This is the number one cause of premature shingle failure. That is why Marcano Roofing’s free estimate includes an attic inspection. We will take a close look at the attic to find potential ventilation problems. We want to make sure your roof is laid on a solid foundation.

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Moss Cleaning

Our climate and moisture levels in the Pacific Northwest make your roof the perfect place for moss to flourish.

Marcano Roofing offers routine roof moss removal in Salem, Oregon and the surrounding areas to help extend the life of your roof. Our crew will have your roof looking spectacular in no time. If you are in need of a roof moss removal service near Salem, Oregon, give us a call today! Our team can ventilate, clean and protect your roof!

Roof Repair

It is no secret that excess moisture can damage your roof and shingles. Every day, we help restore residential and commercial roofs to like-new condition.

Our team at Marcano Roofing has the experience to take on roof repairs, both big and small. When there is an issue with your roof, we strive to complete repairs promptly and efficiently. Marcano Roofing is transparent in pricing and services thanks to our superior warranty.

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Annual Maintenance

After each roofing project is completed, we recommend regular maintenance to protect your home. Annual wellness checks can extend the life of your roof and make sure that it is sound for years to come.

Our experts check for any issues and recommend needed repairs or upgrades. Marcano Roofing believes in full transparency, so each inspection comes with a video of your roof. The full inspection video shows any roofing issues, as well as ventilation problems that may be present in the attic. We discuss all recommended maintenance or cleaning with the homeowner. Marcano Roofing then finds the best solutions to keep your roof in excellent shape. We strive to be the roofing service in Salem that you can rely on!